Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prerequisite Classes Complete!

I am officially done with all my prerequisite classes! One year ago, I started on my pre-medical journey. I started off with a Chemistry class in the summer and had a blast. After working full time for a couple of years, I was glad to be back in school for some odd reason. Granted, I was still working part time, but being in school gave me the satisfaction of knowing I was working towards a goal. The subjects strangely motivated me which was a sharp contrast to how I felt when I was a Computer Engineer undergraduate. Learning about the building blocks of the universe was oddly satisfying.

Here is a summary of my classes taken in the past year (Quarter system):
  • Chemistry II: A
  • Chemistry III: A
  • Organic Chemistry I: A
  • Organic Chemistry II: A
  • Organic Chemistry III: A
  • Biology I: A
  • Biology II: A
  • Biology III: A
My grades were all A's! I am ecstatic. This streak of good grades should pull up my crappy undergraduate GPA ever so slightly. My goal is to continue taking classes until I run out of money or I can achieve at least a 3.5 cumulative total. I also completed a research position with my Organic Chemistry professor this past summer doing some exciting work with organic compound synthesis. Hopefully admissions will see that I am finally getting my act together.

My next milestone is the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). I am going to take a quarter off from school to study for this beast of a test. This will also give me time to save up for another fat tuition bill. After the test, I plan on resuming classes at my local university. The one class I am really looking forward to is Anatomy.

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